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I have 25 years program development, coordination, counselling and facilitation experience in the Social and Community Service sector

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Column and article writing, performance review, resume writing, literary, promotional material writing and ghostwriting experience that reaches back to 1990.

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It is human nature, a human need, to want to leave something behind
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Monthly Online Column: 2010-2017
Lightworker’s Way

“C. L. Whelan takes the reader on a 30-day journey within the self. From birth to death, and reincarnation, these 30 articles span the globe, and touch upon many faiths and practices. The reader will be stronger in their self, their belief, and in their outlook on life. Originally a Spiritual Niagara Newsletter column, Lightworker’s Way is your guide to enlightenment. ”



The Practicing Lightworker

Lightworker: An old soul who has chosen for this lifetime to travel a unique journey with the goals of experiencing, discovering, healing, enlightenment and ultimately finding their life purpose. A true lightworker will role model authenticity and encourage empowerment.

Because I thought it was time…

Sign of the times

Adjusting to a Changing World

Sign of the times. Commentaries and researched posts about the times we now live in, and how we, as a human race, are reacting to them.




Noun; a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.
“My mother always said, ‘Donnie, you’ve got the wanderlust in you.’”



Everyday Me

This is where you will find posts that don’t fit the themes or topics of my other blogs. However, I do feel these posts will represent the stitches that create that which I have come to call me, in my everyday life.



Lori Donnie Danny Me

Desperate for Love: The Life and Times of a Survivor

This is a story of a survivor; a survivor of abandonment, neglect, incest, sexual abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, repressed memory, and post-traumatic stress. It’s a story to help other survivors understand themselves; the way they think, the way they feel, and the things they do to help themselves survive. It’s also a story to help people in the lives of a survivor understand their struggling loved one.


RIP with doll

Ghostwriter’s Legacy:  Teach the Children How to Teach

“Sitting around the bonfire out back, a dear friend of mine asked me if I knew of any ghost stories. I whispered with a smile, ‘Darlin’, I AM a ghost story.’”  ~Scarlet